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Bench top Coatings

Stone-Flecks™ Paint

Stone-Flecks GREEN LINE Paint is a low V.O.C. multi-component color system designed to mimic the look of stone. The GREEN LINE Media Kit has 24 exciting colors to offer your customers.

Stone-Gard™ Topcoat Semi-Gloss
Stone-Gard is a two-component urethane that you apply over Stone-Flecks for the ultimate in protection. Special additives produce a rock hard and durable finish.

Ultra-Grip 4000™ Epoxy Primer Paint 
Ultra-Grip 4000 Epoxy Primer is an adhesive based primer that will permanently adhere to substrates and chemically bond with the Stone-Flecks formula for maximum coating system compatibility.


Kitchen Cupboard Resurfacing

Countercote 9500™ Topcoat Resin
Countercote 9500 is the premier choice for both countertop & kitchen cabinet refinishing. Countercote 9500 is a two-component urethane with a semi-gloss look and feel. Use wherever a durable high performance coating is recommended.

Ultra-Grip 4000™ Adhesive Epoxy Primer
Ultra-Grip 4000 Epoxy Primer is a two-component high build adhesive epoxy primer that permanently bonds to wood, laminate, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces.

Bath Tub/Tile Resurfacing

Topcoats are the most important part of bathtub refinishing process. Superior impact resistance, high gloss, and chemical & water resistance are all desired in a high performance topcoat. Hawk has several topcoats to offer depending on your specific application needs.

High quality epoxy primers play a critical role in bathtub refinishing. High performance topcoats, focusing on cosmetic look and durability, sacrifice on adhesion. Hawk epoxy adhesive primer coatings offer maximum adhesion to a variety of substrates such as porcelain, ceramic, or acrylic.

****Coming Soon*****

Fiberbond 5000™ Pool Coating 
Hawk' Fiberbond 5000 Pool Coating is the toughest and longest lasting epoxy paint available on the market today for refinishing professionals.

Ultra-Grip 4000™ Pool Primer
Ultra-Grip 4000 Primer is easy to apply and sets quickly when refinishing difficult pool surfaces.


All Resurfacing is the spraying of a coating over a surface. Our paint coating is sprayed through a HVLP - High Volume Low Pressure Spray system.

Our technique of spraying is essential to achieve the look you want.
The high gloss bathroom, the  finish on your kitchen cupboards and panels, the granite look vanity or kitchen bench top. It is essential to have a professional Resurfacer who can accomplish a quality finish.

Thanks to this state of the art restoration technology there is no need to tear out the plumbing, rip off tiles and damage walls to replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures that have become stained, scratched, faded or just out of date.

Why Replace when you can Resurface!