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There is no room more expensive and difficult to renew than a kitchen… but not anymore.

With minimal inconvenience, and within days, NT Resurfacing can offer a way to update your kitchen, by resurfacing the area you already have.

Kitchen doors and fixed panels do not always need replacement. They can be cleaned, repaired, prepared and sprayed in a gloss or satin finish in a colour of your choice.

The splash back can be resurfaced in a gloss colour, imagine never having to scrub grease out of grout lines again!!

As a feature, the bench top can be resurfaced in a  Faux stone look.

Resurfacing will modernize your kitchen.


Bathrooms can be restored by Resurfacing their surfaces.

A new coating over the wall tiles, bath, basin and shower tray will lift your bathroom to look like new again.

A bathroom is made up of surfaces that wear out due to water, heat, steam, and cleaning. This is general wear and tear.

The surface may become porous, or you may not be happy with the colour of the vanity, bath, shower tray and tiles.

There is no need to strip out these items.

NT Resurfacing offers you the best alternative to new. With up to 75% less cost and only a couple of days down time, the option of replacement is unnecessary.

You may like your bath and shower tray resurfaced to look new again, and stop the surface collecting dirt.

Tiles can be updated to a gloss white, and grout lines covered by our coating. This leaves you with no moulding grout lines to clean.

Vanity doors can be resurfaced, and as a feature, your vanity top can be resurfaced with a stone look coating.

Resurfacing will modernise your bathroom and is great value for money.

We have a fantastic reputation for offering top quality services!!

NT Resurfacing come to you!. We provide you with a quality option for a fraction of the cost to replace your tired looking kitchen,bathroom vanity,bath tub, tiles just to name a few. Our motto is, "why replace, when you can resurface". Seriously, if you are thinking of updating to sell, rent out or just freshen up, you need to call us! With minimal inconvenience we can transform that dated look into something you will be blown away by.

Remember by resurfacing tiles, you eliminate mould on grout FOREVER!!

Finish Detailing

After spraying, the job is not complete. We will not leave you to finalise the room, this is a sub-standard service.

Detailing can sometimes be completed at the time of spraying, or the next day for most other services.

All masking around the area will be removed.

Silicone is applied to edges where needed.

Accessories are re-installed.

The area is left clean and ready for use.





For more information, please contact us for an obligation free quote.

Why Replace when you can Resurface!